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Overview of Project Briefing Template

Client/Project Briefing Template for Digital Marketing.

The project briefing template that I created is designed to help gather all the necessary information from clients in order to create a successful media plan. The template includes important topics such as the type of business, websites and apps, the brand’s unique selling points, target geographic area, social media handles and followers, nature of the customer base, desired services, preferred reporting method, technology used, and other relevant points.

When using the template, it’s important to customize it to the specific needs of each client, use clear and concise language, include all relevant information, use it as a conversation starter, and keep the collected information organized. By doing so, you can ensure that you have all the information you need to create a tailored media plan that meets your client’s unique needs and goals.

Features Of Project Briefing Template

What All Client Briefing Template Cover?

The template I use for my client briefings or project briefings contains all the essential information required to create a media plan. This helps the client comprehend the services we offer and how we can add value to their business. These briefing documents are designed to save time and ensure that no critical details are overlooked. It is an excellent template for performance marketing campaigns such as Facebook ads, Google ads, and more. You can customize the template by adjusting or removing points based on your client’s needs.

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Project Briefing Template

Become a professional marketer by providing your clients with a comprehensive briefing document or form. This will help build trust and increase the chances of converting them into long-term customers. You can get your hands on a copy of the template today and take the first step towards a successful marketing campaign.

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Media Plan is important to brief your client about your strategy and work flow. These also give clients a clear picture of budget, your fees and expected results. Which makes you look professional and skilled, experienced manager. 

Yes, these media planning template have proper notes on all the columns where required. I have also added meaning of terms used & General Policy to make it easy for you. 

As soon your payment is confirmed you will receive a email with downloadable excel file, as well a link to google sheet. Choose your way and use it.

Sorry, I can’t promise to provide one on one consultation but you can use Ask Me form to send your doubt or any question. My team will respond to it as soon as possible. 

Yes, If there is any major update in any platform, I will update the Sheet, you can check and make a copy.