My Checklist before launching a campaign: No Secrets

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I have been in the industry for 6+ years and have tried a lot of things. There is nothing which you can learn in a 30, 60, 90 days course. It is a process of continuous development where you should have the hunger of exploring every new thing that comes up. To reduce your learning curve a bit you can follow these steps, which I used whenever I create a campaign. It may sound basic and bla bla but, when we create a building we focus on creating a strong structure that can hold all the loads and conditions, same applies here, so without taking your time a bit more let’s jump to the part.

Today, several advertisers and individuals are planning ad campaigns for them but often, people don’t know the basics of planning and implementing a campaign strategy which results in either low quality of leads or a high conversion cost. I have curated a quick checklist for people who run ads on any platform. This checklist will help you target, optimize and analyze your next campaign goal better. 

1. Understanding the Brand:

I have seen many people who don’t sit with their clients to understand exactly what they do, the problems they solve, and the solutions they provide. People just jump to the ad manager and start creating the campaigns without understanding the deep roots of the business and its products. Having the knowledge or insight about the industry is always an add-on but it’s just not sufficient to start the ads. So, always take out a few days to understand the exact problem, product, service, and features of your client’s product as well as his brand…

For example, if you have an event management client, their service is to offer all the arrangements on any given occasion or event. Here, you need to understand what kind of events are their bestsellers – it can be any corporate event for example.

2. Reaching the future trends:

Once you are done with the brand understanding, now it is time to see the industry from a future view and things going on in the market. I’m not asking you to do competitor research here, definitely, we will do but, here we need to look at the industry from the future perspective of growth, In the coming months would be demand increase or decrease, any new technology or things is coming to replace, any other external environment factor and affect the demand, buyer behavior, etc.

3. Competitor research:

I know you are aware of this term and know the importance of competitor research, but, your research should not be limited to just ads, you need to border your thinking to technology, another medium of ads they use may be print i.e newspaper, magazine, or anything. This will give you an idea about the customer they are trying to tap by using other mediums. 

Trivia: As you know there are around 70 crore Internet users in India, where approximately 20 crores do shopping online. This opens up an opportunity for going through traditional advertising to be effective.

4. Customer persona:

Create different kinds of customer persona, and the best way to do this is to keep yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and think of all the scenarios where you will make a purchase and where you will skip from the thought. If it requires you to go for a survey? Go ahead, Create a survey, Even you can market your survey on the internet, and this will be your hidden secret. 

Do you know, all the major big players, always conduct surveys for each and everything be it a product or an experiment with ads, and agencies like schbang, Dentsu, they too conduct surveys for their clients to understand their business better. At last, it is all about delivering better results.

5. Choosing the platform & designing the funnel

What I think is that the funnel is not only to get new customers, it can be to get existing customers repeat and a lot more. Will discuss this in detail some other day. You can subscribe to the notifications so you don’t miss out on anything. 

You need to select your platform intelligently, You might need all the platforms or just 2-3 can work for you. It totally depends on the funnel you plan for your campaigns. If you want to read more about funnels check out the funnel section. Also, your budget will also play an important role in buying placements. So, act smart and make decisions wisely as your performance depends on your actions. 

6. Way of communication

In the digital industry, you have a lot of ways to communicate with your prospects. It can be a video, still creative, Gif or even you can build an experience like Skore built for their pleasure on gel campaign. So, here your creative team has the ball, and you as a strategist need to think something out of the box. Something has a composition of Promotion, Message, Action, Emotions, Urgency, etc. whichever goes well but it has been always good to give your campaign an emotional touch that connects with your audience within the heart. 

These are the few points that can help you build a great campaign for your brand or client. There can be 100s of blogs on individual topics but as a reader, I want to give you an exclusive coupon with the benefit of having a one-on-one session with me over zoom or G-meet. To claim click here. Make sure to subscribe and do comment your questions, suggestions, or anything, be it good or bad. I will appreciate your efforts. Thank You. 

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Samkit Mehta

I’m Samkit Mehta, an expert in Google, Facebook ads, and SEO. With over 4 years of experience at a renowned Google & Meta Partner agency in Dubai, I’ve helped businesses worldwide achieve profitable ad campaigns. I’ve planned campaigns for large public limited companies with turnovers of 1000 crores. As the founder of “Profit Plug,” my agency specializes in delivering exceptional ROI through Google, Facebook, and other platforms, along with top-notch SEO services. I’ve successfully ranked over 1000 keywords in the Top 10 positions, generating millions of views for my clients.

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